Stephanie Rousseau

Stephs „doglive“ begann 2010, when she adopted Alfie , an ex-racing greyhound. He came to her when he was six, having spent his entire life in kennels. He was totally institutionalised and had worn grooves in his teeth trying to gnaw his way out of a kennel. With the help of an professional trainer she helped Alfi in a real doglike and was hooked from there on dogs. She completed Turid Rugaas dog trainer education and lots of learning about dogs.

In 2014, Steph set up her own dog training and canine behaviour business in London. There, she met and worked with hundreds of dogs, from puppies on puppy class to dogs who were showing aggressive responses, and everything in between! In 2017, she returned to her home town of Dublin, and opened a dogschool there.

She takes a compassionate, holistic approach to her work with dogs, and only ever uses reward-based methods. Her aim in her work with dogs is to teach them life-skills, improve their lifes, and that of their humans.

Steph is PDTE board member since 2017 and a member of The Association of INTO Dogs and holds a certificate in canine behaviour and dog training.